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REAOC, County to Co-host Special 2015 Open Enrollment Meeting for Retirees on November 6

The 2015 Open Enrollment period for your County of Orange benefits begins November 1 and continues through November 21 of this year. You will be sent your enrollment packets and have the opportunity to review any modifications to your current plan including the 2015 rates. 2015 medical plan changes and rate increases/ decreases may affect your decision to keep or change your current coverage.

The Retired Employees Association of Orange County (REAOC) in cooperation with the County of Orange Employee Benefits staff is hosting two workshop sessions on Thursday, November 6, 2014, to provide information to help you explore your 2015 plan options. If you are a pre-65 retiree you may note a significant increase in the cost of your 2015 premiums compared to the premiums you are currently paying. This is due to a one-time credit which offset 2014 rates, but is not available in 2015.

The morning session, beginning at 9 a.m.,
will focus on pre-65 retirees.
An afternoon session, starting at 1 p.m.,
will focus on post-65 retirees.
Representatives from the health plans and Employee Benefits will be there throughout the day to answer your questions. New 2015 rates for all retiree plans are posted below. Whether you are a pre- or post-65 retiree, if you have any questions regarding plan benefits, options and rates, please consider attending either the morning or afternoon session on November 6. We look forward to seeing you at OCERS, 2223 E. Wellington Avenue, Santa Ana, CA.
Linda Robinson & Doug Storm, Co-Presidents
Please click on the links below for the charts provided by the County for the 2015 Health Plan rates:

Stockton Bankruptcy Court Ruling 
A ruling yesterday by a judge in the Stockton bankruptcy case has attracted some attention from those who work with public pensions.  Click on the link below to read the ruling: 
The bankruptcy court in the City of Stockton case issued an oral ruling regarding the impairment of pensions in bankruptcy cases (see the ruling above).  This case does not immediately affect OCERS or any of its plan sponsors.  The link below is CalPERS response to the court’s ruling.  REAOC along with OCERS will continue to monitor the Stockton case and will update relevant information as it becomes available.

News, week of October 13, 2014
Orange County Register Newspaper appears to be struggling

Competitor Los Angeles Times reports that a new Publisher has been named after a tumultuous year in which the paper tried to launch a new paper in Los Angeles and then abandoned the effort, a rift with the LA Times over a home delivery contract, and several rounds of layoffs. (More)

New Jersey Governor Christie tries to pit active state employees against retirees on COLA issue

New Jersey has failed to make its required annual contributions to the state pension fund, resulting in a growing unfunded liability. After promising to make a full payments in the future, Governor Christie did not include that funding in his proposed new budget, and has moved to reduce or eliminate retiree COLA’s.  as a result public employees and retirees have turned to the courts. This article reports that in a filing with the court the Christie administration seems to be trying to divide active employees and retirees by labeling retirees as seeking to drain the retirement fund for their short term gain. (More)
Pensions help bring talent to public sector

A Boston College study concluded that pensions help recruit and retain high quality workers in the public sector. (More)
OCERS seeks manager for $150 million real estate investment
This article from Pension 360 reports that the Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS) is looking for a manager to handle this new real estate investment allocation.   It says preferred property types will include apartments, hotel, industrial, office, retail and self-storage assets. (More)

Discover the Network hostile to public pensions

This site of the Campaign for Americas’ future, that describes itself as a strategy center for the progressive movement, contains an article that describes key anti-public sector pension organizations and efforts throughout the country and how many organizations devoted to an anti-public sector employee and pensions campaign are inter-related, often with overlapping leadership individuals.  (More)  
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